Concreting Services - Nelson, New Zealand

If you are wanting a new concrete driveway, patio or any other area needing concreting, in the Nelson region, then you want the best concrete contractor to do the job!

Whether it is our unique Color & Cut finish, Exposed Aggregate (6mm,13mm,19mm or top dressed with colored stones of your choice), smooth or textured Plain Concrete, or any other finish you can think of, Elite Concreting Ltd, will leave your property with you satisfied with a job well done!


Our service starts with a free, no obligation quote.  All job's are done to the personal requirements of each individual client and can include full preparation, laying of new concrete, using the best available products, concrete cutting and sealing for the perfect finishing touch.

The person that quotes the job

That is what we, at  Elite Concreting Ltd call, real service.
Please call me or use the 'contact us' tab to email for a no obligation quote.